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The garden

We've had a nice touch of winter weather blowing through. It is cold and windy and just the slightest bit rainy the last few days. --And the weather is supposed to continue getting worse for the next couple of days. Snow is expected for the mountains that surround us.

I brought several flowering kale plants home from Bakersfield and I hope to get them planted before I go to see my Mother for Thanksgiving. They look a lot like purple centered cabbage plants and they add a bit of color to the garden in the winter. I also got a couple of packets of violas to plant on the way to the front door. It always delights me that these plants will take the cold windy weather we have up here on the high desert in the winter.

Mid week last week I startled about 20 quail in the back yard. It was wonderful, I haven't seen that many quail here in a few years.

It always amazes me that every year the weather changes from Fall to Winter within a week of November 17th. You can count on it. Now we can look towards spring and wait for better weather.
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