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Well, I'm home for a full week--more of less. It's probably the longest I've been home in the last six months. After my sister died in January, I was spending a lot of time in La Mesa helping to get things organized to move my Mother up to live with me. Then in mid March Mother fell and broke her ankle (she's 93) so she has been in a Care Facility since then. So I have been bouncing back and forth between there and home ever since. It's a hectic schedule with no particular pattern, but it has kept me busy. Taking care of two different situations keeps me busy, and I sometimes wonder how effective I am at either one any more.

It is so nice to be home where it is quiet and nicely warm--not too hot currently. The nights actually get cold in the middle of the night. There is about a 30 degree change between day and night, with a breeze. Anyway, I'm back enjoying my quail, cottontail bunnies, European Ring-necked Doves, chipmunks and rock squirrels, plus other assorted birds. The House Finches still have their distinctive red heads and chests. Not quite as bright as during mating season, but still distinguishable.

After a year or more of neglect, the house surroundings had grown into a jungle, so I managed to get someone in to cut back the shrubbery and carry it off. Now at least the house looks like someone cares about it. It makes me feel much better.

Anyway, things seem to be settling down to a routine and I'm getting used to driving 600 miles (round trip) every week or so. I don't know how long it will continue.
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