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Well, my yard is something of a mess right now. In the last two weeks I've had two large old trees removed from my yards. There was a large tree from the poplar family which was dying in the front yard that had to go; and there was a magnificent 55 to 60' pine tree in the back yard that was encroaching on my fence line and about to break it down. I really hated to see the pine tree go but it was necessary. Anyway the pieces of the trees falling into the yards left my gardens below in a mess. Have to get that cleaned up.

The roses are putting on lovely new growth, and the irises are about to bloom. They should be beautiful. It's been a bit late this year because of unsettled weather, but I put out my potted plants today. Now maybe the hummingbird that has nested in my ficus benjamina the last two years will refurbish her nest and use it again. We'll see.
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