D'nellin (dnellin) wrote,

Wedding and other things--

Well, the hummingbird came back and built a new nest in the ficus benjamina. Three days ago there were two very small baby birds in the nest. The spot where the nest is located is no more than 18 inches from where we walk past the plant when we leave the kitchen door; so we have to pretend we don't see the little family when we go out and in. The little mother was amazingly trusting to build where she has, but I think she likes the patio roof that protects the nesting area.

That's not my best news, however. In a month's time I will be getting married again to a very charming man. He has been a friend for the last 50 years, and we are very happy together. His family and mine grew up together and know each other well. I can hardly wait!
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