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It's fall here and the leaves on the trees are turning yellow and gold. The pomegranate is particularly beautiful--a vivid gold color. About half of the leaves on the mulberry trees have fallen, along with the leaves of the fig tree and the Desert willow. The olive tree still has it's leaves, but a stiff wind yesterday stripped the ripe olives off the tree and they are all over the ground.

Earlier in the season I picked as many olives as I could reach and processed them. We are now enjoying the "fruits of our labor". Home cured olives can be very tasty. I've made them off and on for many years--IF I happen to be home at the right season,and the olive tree produces enough olives. Desert climates don't always cooperate at the right seasons of the year.

This year I had my yards Xeriscaped. Lots of rock, gravel and desert hardy plants, all drip watered. It is so beautiful, and very easy to take care of. My grape vine now has an arbor to climb on, and the fruiting and flowering plants I really cared about are still intact. My Mr. Lincoln rose (not a climber) is roof high this year. I am so happy with the results the landscaper accomplished. There is even a running waterfall in the corner of the backyard.

Since we got my yard done, there have been several more Xeriscaped places in our town. I hope it will be a trend. My water bill this month was the minimum amount.
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