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Last August we had my house"s surroundings Xeriscaped. The front and back yards are done in rock, and for the most part, desert plants like yuccas and agaves. My fig tree, olive tree, pomegranate, peach, and almond tree are still in the landscaping, as well as Desert willow and Desert Bird-of-paradise. The landscaper also added some Texas Ranger and Yarrow. A lot of nice blooming plants with drip watering. Overall the effect is lovely, and sure has cut down on maintenance.

My Husband had the landscapers make an arbor for the grapevine and we have gotten it trained almost completely across the arbor now. So, day before yesterday we went out and got a cute cocktail table and two chairs to go in the patio under it. Can hardly wait to put them in place so we can sit on the patio and enjoy the evenings.

It's definitely summer here. The temperature has gotten up to 102, but is mostly in the 80's and 90's so far. Pleasant, as long as you have a good cooling system for the house.

There is a Sotol in my husband's yard that is getting ready to bloom. So far it has put up a stalk about 20 feet high in about two weeks. --No signs of flowers yet, but we're waiting impatiently. This is sort of a fun time of year to watch the garden.
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