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Fall has finally arrived with a big wind and cooler weather. I'm still in pedal pushers and a shirtsleeved blouse, but I had to put on a light weight jacket when I went out. I had yuccas blooming a couple of weeks ago, and the orange desert bird of paradise is on it's last end of blooming.. It bloomed all summer.

The pomegranates are finally ripe and we're sharing them with the birds. They are so beautiful hanging on the bush. Any almonds on the almond tree are well hidden up high,
The olive tree has a good crop on it, but we are going to let them stay there--no curing olives this year. I wish the birds liked the olives, but they are too bitter even for them.We'll have to pick them up off the ground when the wind blows them off the tree.

My big success this year was with my orchids. For the first time several of them bloomed a second time. I guess we have finally got the right watering, double potting, and south facing windows for them. I've had several types of orchids, and I find the phalenopsis is the easiest to grow here. I've spent several years trial and error learning to be a sort of amateur orchid grower. They're beautiful, and they make a wonderful long lasting flower to decorate the house.
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