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It was a flying trip to Tucson this year since I had to sandwich it in between runs from La Mesa and home. I am moving my Mother up to live with me and it's taking many loads of the car to get everything here.

Anyway, my friend, Kim, and I went over to the Main show for a couple of days. I visited friends and looked at an Aladdin's Cave worth of fine minerals. Every year the minerals seem to be getting better.

My friend had never been there before and was overwhelmed by the size of the show, the fantastic specimens, and the prices of the specimens. I tried to prepare him for the show, but there is no way to explain it adequately to anyone without them seeing it. The show has changed from the 1960's when it used to be held in the cow barns at the old Tucson fairgrounds. People come from all over the world for the three week period that encompasses the many "shows" that make up Tucson's mineral experience.

This year I was looking for fluorite and I found four good pieces. Three of them were from various places in China, and the fourth was from Spain. There is a lot of beautiful fluorite in the world--many colors and locations-- and I think I may concentrate on collecting it for a while.
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