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We never know what life will bring us from one day to the next. Challenges and learning experiences--life is one long learning experience. And as you get older and more experienced, the challenges seem to get more difficult. Supposedly we have learned enough to take care of them.

Our latest challenge deals with my 93 year old Mother, who as you know broke her ankle in March. She is diabetic and has poor circulation in her lower legs and feet, so she developed some sores on her feet that haven't healed well. Infection has involved some bones in her foot, and she is going to require an operation. The problem can be solved one of two ways--(if we do nothing at all she will eventually die of the infection.) The doctor can do surgery on her foot and remove the problem area, and we can hope it will heal. The odds are not really good. Or the doctor can amputate her leg mid-calf where the circulation seems to be better, and there is a better chance it would heal. No really GOOD choices anywhere, but we have chosen to have the doctor do the amputation, and it is scheduled for Thursday.

Mama is at peace with the operation, and whatever will happen, will happen. At a certain point in life, you become very philosophical, and put things in a higher being's hands.

I'm at peace that I have done the best thing I can do for her, though I don't really like any of the alternatives I had to chose from.

Well, life is interesting--and never dull.
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