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The New Year:

It's a beautiful day here--sunny and going to be fairly warm (in the 60's). The birds are singing up a storm, and I am going out to plant flowering Kale plants (those cute colored cabbages). They do exceptionally well here in the winter, put up stalks of pretty dainty yellow flowers in the spring, and die off in early summer. They have to be replanted every fall, or winter, but it's worth it for some winter color in the yard. I didn't get them planted earlier last fall, as things were still a bit hectic after Mother died in September. However, our very dry and warm January has given me another chance.

I spent most of December up in Washington with my oldest son's family and Garth and Tor came up for Christmas. It was delightful to see them. We had a lovely visit.

I am looking forward to this year and hope it will be much less confused than last year was.
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