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Tucson Again...

Last week a friend and I went t the Tucson Mineral Show--as always! It was a good show and it featured Arizona Minerals as its theme this year. Of course there were a lot of fine Azurite, malachite, and wulfenite specimens at the show. Plus all the other fine minerals that come from the state--vanadinite, calcite, native copper, cerusite--the list could go on and on.

The last of my mineral collection was sold at the show--the Borates. There was a good display of the better borates, and the Smithsonian got a nice suite of them. That made me very happy. There was also a Canadian museum that bought a bunch of them. Most people were amazed to find what good borates looked like.

The show itself was a lot of fun. We spent two days walking around the show and I doubt we saw half of it. The main show at Tucson takes up an enormous hall and arena area and it is packed with displays, dealers booths and hundreds of eager collectors looking for specimens and talking to friends.

Saturday we couldn't find a parking place at the show, so we went across the freeway to an area where it is sort of a mineral free for all--tents and dealers everywhere. Tucson is a mineral mad house the last of January and the first two weeks of February. Lots of fun, but exhausting.

A very nice book 'Collecting Arizona' came out at the show. It has wonderful mineral pictures and stories of the mining and collecting areas in the state. It will take a while to read it all and enjoy it.

All in all, it was a very good trip.
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